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Order Repeat Prescriptions

Drug wastage

is costing the NHS millions... About £300m of medicines are wasted each year in England, half of which is unnecessary, a Department of Health study found last year. If the rest of the UK is taken into account the figure is closer to £400m.

Please just request only what you need.


How to order your repeat prescriptions:

You can request a repeat prescription in person or on-line. If you request it in person then please use the tear off slip from your previous prescription to re-order and post it in the box inside the front door or through the letter box if the surgery is closed. If you don’t have the tear off slip then your request can be handwritten on a piece of paper. 

Ordering Online:

We have a new system for ordering online called Patient Access. Patient Access is a secure system and requires you to register using a unique and confidential PIN number.   

If you would like to use Patient Access please CLICK HERE to find out how to obtain your passwords and register.

When to collect :

We require at least two working days to get a prescription processed and signed off by the doctor. Below is an easy reference grid that shows you when you can expect to be able to collect your prescription.          

 Request received before

 Prescription available after

 2pm Monday  2pm Wednesday
 2pm Tuesday  2pm Thursday
 2pm Wednesday  3.30pm Friday
 2pm Thursday  3.30pm Monday
 2pm Friday  3.30pm Tuesday
  Please note:                                                                                   

If your request is for Warfarin, remember to include your INR score in your request as we cannot process your prescription without it.                                                                                 

Contraceptive pill and HRT cannot be issued without first booking an appointment at the surgery.